Mentoring Videos

Training Videos that Reinforce Biblical Principles

Moses Mentors Joshua 

Good mentoring will prepare the mentee for the time they will have to stand alone. 

 Jesus the Model Mentor

Jesus mentors disciples on greatness in service.  He coaches the disciples for their future positions.  

Cultural Diversity

Who are the people that we serve?  Cultural diversity is often interpreted in relation to ethnicity.  The term has a broader context; therefore, it recognizes the unique attributes of all persons.

Mentoring Boundaries

How to enhance your mentoring skills?  It is vital that the mentor-mentee establishes a healthy relationship with consistent boundaries and realistic expectations.  The boundaries of both the mentor and mentee Is critical. 

What is a Mentor?  A Good Mentor is not. . . 

Learn Basic Mentoring Expectations: Applications and Principles For Mentoring. Click on Module 5 title to download PowerPoint outline.

Jesus the Great Communicator

Jesus instructs the disciples on method of communication.  There are six types of communication methods:  Listening, verbal, nonverbal, emotional awareness, written, and communication in difficult situations

Problem Solving

Every mentor should ask their mentee to answer three critical questions.

Three Critical Questions

1. Where am I right now?
– What is my story?
– How could things be different?

2. What am I headed?
– What do I hope life will be like in 1 year, 2 years, and 5 years?
– What are some realistic goals?

3. How do I get there?
– What is the first step?
– Who will give me support and keep me accountable?
– What gets in my way of taking the steps to accomplish my goals?

Acts 7:22

And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.

We are excited about the wonderful opportunities that are available for our community through Turning Point Community of Scholars. We believe that Christ and education make the best combination. It is our goal and mission to meet adults where they are, regardless of their gender, race, education or financial  status. We have seen lives transformed, goals achieved, skills developed and households changed!